Visit Our Forgotten Heroes

Traditionally, many Americans eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving -- especially if you live in Plymouth, Massachusetts-- this year, make an effort to create a new tradition. If Plymouth is your home, if you're a student, or tourist doing historical research remember to visit the historical site of the 4 African American Revolutionary War Veterans and Patriot heroes at the National Landmark Cemetery.
Minute Men Emblem on Patriot grave siteMinute Men Emblem on Patriot grave site
It's the final resting place of Cato Howe, Plato Turner, Prince Goodwin, and Quamony Quash. Though, these men contributed to our Nation's freedom, very few historians know their stories and contributions they made to our country (as free men and as slaves).

You can find their graves in the woodside of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Help us to honor these men. Tell your children and include these snippets in your lessons about this nation's history.

You can find more information at the Pilgrim Hall Museum in downtown Plymouth or the Old Courthouse. Please make sure that you get a tourist guide for more in depth information.

Let's create a new tradition of honoring our nation's first and forgotten fallen soldiers. The men of the American Revolution whose courage and strength made possible this great nation's freedom.